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If you are a participant in the MassMutual Thrift Plan or the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company Agent Pension Plan, you likely have received a letter from the Settlement Administrator indicating that your share of the settlement proceeds from the settlement reached in Gordan v. Massachusetts Mutual Insurance Company, No. 3:13-cv-30184 was credited to your account(s) in the plans during the week of April 10th through 14th, 2017. The letter you received from the Settlement Administrator was inaccurate. We apologize for the confusion the letter caused. Although the settlement proceeds were received by the plan last week, MassMutual needs time to allocate settlement amounts to participant accounts. Credits will be allocated to participant accounts and visible on RetireSmart as soon as is administratively feasible. In the meantime, please contact the Settlement Administrator at 1-877-345-8717 to find out the amount of your share of the settlement proceeds.


Case No. 13-CV-30184-MAP


The purpose of this website is to inform current and former participants and beneficiaries in the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company Agent Pension Plan and/or Thrift Plan about the settlement of this Action, including that you could be entitled to benefits under the class action settlement. This website includes links to settlement documents explaining the details of the Settlement. Additional materials will be posted on this website after the Court grants preliminary approval and notices are mailed to class members.